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General Information

SCHOOL HOURS – School opens at 09:00 am (Children should not be at school before 08:15 without the prior consent of the principal).  Morning recess is between 10:40 am and 11:00 am.  Lunch between 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm and school closes at 3:00 pm.
RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION – One half hour block of time is set aside each week for Bible in Schools. The New Zealand Council of Churches syllabus is used.  If children are to be exempted from this activity a parental contact to school is required.
SCHOOL ORGANISATION – Our school operates in three syndicates - Junior, Middle and Senior.  Our Junior classes are kept smaller with the New Entrant Class kept below 20 as far as is possible.  We are a Full Primary which means children stay until the end of their 8th year and then move onto Secondary School.
REPORTING TO PARENTS – This is done regularly and occurs in a formal and informal manner.  Parents are encouraged to make and keep contact with their child's teacher throughout the year.

SUPPORT – Our school enjoys tremendous support from its Board of Trustees, PTA and Friends of Westmere Trust.  Parents are encouraged to play a full part in all of these support organisations.


Enrolment, Financial Information

ENROLMENT – An enrolment form is available by e-mailing the school at office@westmereprimary.school.nz . Children enrolling at 5 years of age are encouraged to visit the school and New Entrant Classroom in the month preceding their 5th birthday.  The number of visits is very dependant on the needs of the child.  
SCHOOL BUSES – As a rural school, we rely on school buses to transport a number of our children to and from school.  This service is provided by the Ministry of Education.  In addition a bus run from the city collects children as it travels up Victoria Avenue and Great North Road. A daily fare is payable for this service.
– A stationery pack is prepared for all children enrolling at 5 years old.  A small amount of stationery is kept on hand for other areas of the school.  Parents receive a stationery list at the end of the school year pertinent for the new year and are encouraged to seek the "best deal" in town. Stationery lists can be found on this website.
SCHOOL LUNCHES – Children can buy lunch on Fridays. Friday lunches are prepared by the PTA and the profits from these subsidise school camps, trips, visiting cultural groups and new technologies.
SATURDAY SPORTS – All children are encouraged to take part in Saturday Sports.  Some uniforms and equipment are provided by Westmere School.  A fee is charged to cover equipment replacement and team registration.
SCHOOL FEES – These are set annually by our Board of Trustees to supplement our Government Grant.  Details are available from the Principal or office.


The Westmere Environment

SCHOOL NEWSLETTERS – These are published fornightly and sent home with the oldest child in the family. They can also be found on this website and on our Facebook page.
PARENTAL HELP – A booklet of guidelines is available to any parent contemplating such involvement.
SCHOOL ASSEMBLY – This is held every Friday afternoons at 2.30pm.  Parents are welcome to attend. We celebrate success and there is always a classroom item to enjoy!
BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS – Are based on the following convention.

  • Teachers and pupils have the right to expect and obtain standards of behaviour appropriate to everyones' needs.

  • Teachers and pupils have the right to work in a pleasant classroom atmosphere.

Our behaviour management system involves early parental contact where difficulties arise. There are also incentives and awards which affirm the positive behaviours.

A HOUSE SYSTEM – Is in place encouraging friendly competition between children in various school events.
TRADITIONAL WESTMERE SCHOOL ANNUAL EVENTS – These include Swimming Sports, Pet Day, Interschool Athletic events, Interschool Cross Country, Science Fair, a school musical production and end of year break-up ceremony.
 Parents are an important part of these events.

Westmere promotes a rural atmosphere and is closely involved with a cluster group of rural schools.  Interschool events with these schools involve - swimming, athletics, cross country, as well as musical and cultural activities.

SCHOOL PROFILE – Do you wish to know more? Click here.

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